Always a nerve-wracking event being reviewed, but came out well in this case.


Between the charity auction and the charity rerolls (and other donations) Conpulsion raised just over £2000 pounds this year.

This years charity is Homelink, a local Edinburgh based, family charity – where our contribution will make a real difference.

Dice & T-Shirts

We have a fair supply of dice and t-shirts left after conpulsion.

Shirts £10, Dice £2.50 for a set of 3.

If you missed out or want more please contact us (

We have a few prize dice & gm shirts left too – if you GM’d and missed out – please let us know.

Conpulsion is over…

Thank you all for coming, I hope you had a wonderful time.

We’ll see you all (and bring your friends) next year.
Same venue, March 25th-27th 2011.

And a big thank you to all those that made Conpulsion possible.

Programme Available

This years programme is now available for download.


Pub Quiz 8pm Friday

Doors open 9am Saturday & Sunday

Games at 10, 3 & 8

Clocks go forwards saturday night, sunday is earlier than you think!

Talking Shop

Conpulsion has a number of guests, and one thing guests love to do is talk, so we’ve given them a room and a list of things to talk about!

Saturday Lunchtime 2-3. Malcolm Craig and others on “Games, politics, and the real world”
Saturday Afternoon 3-4. Avengers on “Plot movement vs awesomeness in game design and fiction”
Saturday Afternoon 4-5. Avengers on “Combat, gaming and what it really looks like” This may involve genuine sword waving!
Saturday Afternoon 5-6. Angus Abranson (Cubicle 7) and others on “Licensed Properties – Games in other peoples worlds”

Sunday Lunchtime 2-3. “Game Publishing – turning Fun into Profit”. Featuring most of our Guests.
There is space for this to continue on into the afternoon if there is interest.

All take place in the Committee room (right next to the bar!)


Conpulsion will feature a proper nightclub on the saturday night!

In the teviot underground, Nervenkrieg will bring you the best in Goth music!

Free entry with Conpulsion pass.
Everyone else £5.


Rock band that is.

We will have consoles.
and projector (in the sportsmans).
and there will be much rock. (and guitar heroing)

Wargame tournament signup packs

are now available!


Warhammer Fantasy